Match Reports

FC BKT 3 - 4 Downs FC

FC BKT v Downs FC. January 28th 2018 Hackney Marshes. Downs win 4 -3.

Sunday 28th saw Downs at the Marshes playing 'away' to FC BKT (@CLUBFCBKT) who were therefore in charge of nets and flags. Our job was to turn up on time which proved too difficult a task for last week's man of the match Aron 'All or Nothing' Clarke who arrived 20 minutes into the game and, quite bizarrely, seemed to try to sub himself on for the other team. It was to be his most significant contribution to the match - a match that at times was nothing short of thrilling.

The game started at a quick pace with Downs providing all the early pressure. An early opportunity after a typically hectic scramble was thwarted by some brave BKT goalkeeping and an early indication of the fight that BKT had in them was given when their number 16 outmuscled our man up front - the Mighty Ben. This was interesting to see as most defenders keep to a safe distance when facing his runs and when BKT themselves worked the ball into our area and shot just wide, we all said 'game on.'

And then came our 4 goals.

New man Gilroy bagged the first 2 in quick succession capitalising on goalkeeping mistakes which was all the more painful for BKT as they had only a minute before volleyed the ball over our bar from less than a metre out. So from being close to leading 2-0, BKT found themselves 2-0 down and down on their luck. A collective defensive brain fade allowed Ashley to head home for a third and everytime Downs' 'Mister' Justin launched the ball in with a throw, the goal seemed to get bigger and how BKT kept it to 3-0 at half time is a credit to them.

The second half began as the first ended, with pressure applied from Downs whose calm defence, creative passing and a good team spirit was rewarded early with a free kick on the edge of the box. The free kick (available to watch on social media @DownsFC1878 was expertly curled around the wall and put into the back of the net. That the referee blew for the infringement came as some surprise as he liked a foul but, in fairness to him, so did most of the players and all in all it was agreed that the ref had a good game.

Then came the comeback.

The fighting spirit that BKT had shown in the first half had been rewarded with nothing but a comfortable looking scoreline from Downs' perspective but then a cross appeared out of nowhere just as the Sun was breaking through the clouds. It was if the sunlight had created a mini thermal in the air as the ball carried and carried until it fell into the top corner past the totally blinded and blameless keeper Biscoe. A couple of minutes later, BKT thundered in an absolute power blaster of a shot into the same top corner. A shot so violent it would have killed a horse and, to be honest, the best Biscoe could do was to get out the way of it. The third goal came from another rare free kick which weaved itself through a static defence and past the once again blinded and blameless Biscoe. This meant that the last 5 minutes were rather nervy and the tackles were becoming more tired and heavy when the ref gave BKT another free kick on the edge of the box perhaps trying to force a draw for the neutrals. Biscoe set up a 5 man wall such was the urgency. BKT put a man on his own in the box on the left and passing to him to give him a clear sight of goal looked like the most sensible option. Instead, the ball was shot straight at the wall and the shot on the rebound went high and over as the referee blew the final whistle.

It was a cracking game and next up is Down Fc v El Valiente in Round 4 of the Dickie Davies Cup. Sunday Feb 4th 10:30 Hackney Marshes. Pitch to be confirmed.